5 October 2023

Warlord Games SPQR: Germania – Horsemen

Warlord Games, SPQR: Germania – Horsemen

Warlord Games, SPQR: Germania – Horsemen


Welcome to the world of SPQR: Germania – Horsemen, an expansion pack by Warlord Games. In this thrilling addition to the SPQR series, you will encounter the formidable Germanic horsemen who are known for their exceptional skills and ferocity on the battlefield. Prepare to witness their dominance and unleash their power against your opponents.

Main Features

Fierce Germanic Horsemen

The Germanic horsemen in SPQR: Germania are renowned for their fearlessness and exceptional horsemanship. Mounted on powerful steeds, these warriors charge into battle with unmatched speed and agility, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Customizable Units

With SPQR: Germania – Horsemen, you have the freedom to customize your units according to your strategic preferences. Equip your horsemen with various weapons and armor, allowing you to adapt to different combat situations and outmaneuver your opponents.

Expansive Battlefield

Engage in epic battles across vast and immersive landscapes. SPQR: Germania – Horsemen provides you with a wide range of scenarios and terrains, from dense forests to open plains, ensuring every battle is unique and challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the Germanic horsemen in other Warlord Games’ products?

Yes, the Germanic horsemen from SPQR: Germania – Horsemen can be used in other Warlord Games’ products that support the SPQR system. Expand your army and enhance your gaming experience with these fierce warriors.

2. Are the units pre-painted?

No, the units in SPQR: Germania – Horsemen expansion are unpainted. This allows you to personalize and paint them according to your own preferences, adding a unique touch to your collection.

3. Can I play SPQR: Germania – Horsemen as a standalone game?

No, SPQR: Germania – Horsemen is an expansion pack and requires the base SPQR game to play. Combine the two to unlock new strategies and unleash the power of the Germanic horsemen on the battlefield.


Experience the thrill of commanding the fierce Germanic horsemen in Warlord Games’ SPQR: Germania – Horsemen expansion. Dominate the battlefield with their exceptional skills and unleash their power against your opponents. Customize your units, explore expansive terrains, and immerse yourself in epic battles. Get ready to conquer and leave your mark in the world of SPQR.