18 September 2023

Pro-coustix Ultraflex Bass Traps 300mm – The Ultimate Bass Control Solution

Pro-coustix Ultraflex Bass Traps 300mm – The Ultimate Bass Control Solution

Pro-coustix Ultraflex Bass Traps 300mm – The Ultimate Bass Control Solution


Introducing Bass Control like no other – Pro-coustix Ultraflex Bass traps are made from high-quality polyether acoustic foam with a unique contemporary profile designed to deliver great results. These bass traps have been specifically designed to provide deep bass control and distortion of low-end wave energy. With their innovative design, they offer superior performance compared to traditional bass traps.

Main Features

  • Exclusive Deep Bass Profile for Deep Bass Control (DBC)
  • Contemporary Peaks and Slat Array Design
  • High-Quality Acoustic Technical Foam
  • Angled to create an air gap and increase performance

Designed to Perform

Using our trademark BassBlox profile for Deep Bass ControlTM (DBC), these bass traps have been designed to have deeper channels and longer projections to distort low-end wave energy effectively. Unlike other poorly profiled bass traps, the unique profile of Pro-coustix Ultraflex Bass Traps 300mm reduces the creation of artificially enhanced frequencies, ensuring a more accurate and balanced sound experience.

Sized for Flexibility

We understand that today’s audio professionals require flexibility in their studio setups. That’s why we offer the Pro-coustix Ultraflex Bass Traps 300mm in a 300mm high profile. With a 4-pack of these bass traps, you can treat four studio corners or stack them up to treat just the front two corners. The versatility of these bass traps allows you to customize your sound environment according to your specific needs.

Enhanced Performance

The back of the bass trap is angled off to leave an air column between the wall and the bass trap. This innovative design feature increases the performance of these traps as sound energy gets attenuated by the air gap. The result is a more efficient absorption of bass frequencies, leading to a cleaner and more accurate sound reproduction in your studio.

Experience the ultimate bass control solution with Pro-coustix Ultraflex Bass Traps 300mm. Upgrade your audio studio today and enjoy a superior sound experience like never before.