27 September 2023

Liberty Imports Women’s 5-inch Yoga Training Shorts With Zipper Pockets – Activewear Made Better

Liberty Imports Women’s 5-inch Yoga Training Shorts With Zipper Pockets – Activewear Made Better

Liberty Imports Women’s 5-inch Yoga Training Shorts With Zipper Pockets – Activewear Made Better


Discover the Liberty Imports Women’s 5-inch Yoga Training Shorts With Zipper Pockets. These lightweight performance shorts are designed to keep you in the comfort zone, even when workouts push you out of yours. Whether you’re training, practicing yoga, or going for a run, these shorts are the perfect activewear choice. With a pack of 5 colors, you’ll have plenty of options to match your style. Available in 5 US sizes (XS – 3XL), these shorts offer a standard fit that ensures comfort and flexibility.

Main Features

Dri Fit Apparel Knit & Angled Side Seams Design

These yoga training shorts feature a contemporary look and a fitted silhouette that gives a more supportive, feminine feel. The Dri-Fit technology keeps you cool and dry, while the breathable construction offers great ventilation that helps release moisture away from the body.

Elastic Waistband with Adjustable Internal Drawstring

The shorts come with an elastic waistband and an adjustable internal drawstring, allowing you to achieve a custom fit and feel. No more worrying about your shorts slipping or feeling too tight. These shorts provide the perfect balance of comfort and support.

5″ Inseam for Unrestricted Movement

The 5-inch inseam of these shorts allows for unrestricted upper body movement while providing ample coverage. Whether you’re stretching, bending, or running, these shorts won’t hold you back. Move with confidence and ease.

Premium Fabric with 4-Way Stretch

These yoga training shorts are made from a soft, lightweight, and quick-dry fabric. The 4-way stretch technology ensures that the shorts move better in all directions, giving you the freedom to move without any restrictions. Stay comfortable and dry throughout your workout.

Zippered Mesh Pockets for Secure Storage

Carry your essentials with ease in the zippered mesh pockets of these shorts. Whether it’s your phone, keys, or small accessories, these pockets provide secure storage. No more worrying about losing your belongings during your workout.

Printed Tag for Scratch-Free Comfort

Enjoy scratch-free comfort during every moment with the printed tag of these shorts. No more annoying tags that irritate your skin. Focus on your workout without any distractions.

Loose Fit and Front Zipper Pockets

These shorts have a loose fit and straight leg openings, keeping you comfortable throughout your workout. The front zipper pockets offer secure storage for your essentials, ensuring that you can focus on your exercise without any worries. The tag-free design maximizes comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sizes are available for these shorts?

These shorts are available in 5 US sizes, ranging from XS to 3XL. You can choose the size that fits you best for a comfortable and flattering fit.

2. Are these shorts suitable for running?

Yes, these shorts are designed for various activities, including running. The lightweight and quick-dry fabric, along with the 5-inch inseam, allows for unrestricted movement and keeps you cool and comfortable during your run.

3. Can I carry my phone in the zippered pockets?

Absolutely! The zippered mesh pockets are deep and secure, making them perfect for carrying your phone and other small essentials. You can exercise without worrying about your belongings falling out.

4. How do I care for these shorts?

These shorts are machine washable. Simply toss them in the washing machine with like colors and follow the care instructions provided. It’s that easy to keep your shorts clean and ready for your next workout.

5. Can I wear these shorts for activities other than workouts?

Definitely! These shorts are versatile and can be worn for various activities, such as yoga, exercise, fitness, gym sessions, running, or even as everyday casual wear. They are designed to provide comfort and style in any situation.


The Liberty Imports Women’s 5-inch Yoga Training Shorts With Zipper Pockets are the perfect activewear choice for any woman. With their lightweight and quick-dry fabric, adjustable waistband, and zippered mesh pockets, these shorts provide comfort, flexibility, and secure storage for your essentials. Whether you’re hitting the gym, practicing yoga, going for a run, or simply lounging around, these shorts will keep you comfortable and stylish. Get your pack of 5 today and upgrade your activewear collection!

Material: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex

Material Composition: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex

Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Closure: Drawstring

Style: Athletic Shorts

Fit Type: Regular Fit