6 September 2023

Gravitis WWII Vintage Brass/Copper Trench Lighter and Solid Brass – A Piece of History

Gravitis WWII Vintage Brass/Copper Trench Lighter and Solid Brass – A Piece of History

Practical and Easy to Use

This solid brass cigarette lighter is an exact replica of the cigarette lighters that British soldiers made from used bullet casings in the trenches during World War One, over a hundred years ago. Although this lighter is designed to look like a historical item, it is practical enough to use daily. It works on the same principles as a vintage trench lighter – which were designed for use in harsh conditions – and operates with a traditional wick soaked in liquid fuel rather than gas. The antique design also features a windbreaker and built-in metal cap, which extinguishes the flame and protects the wick when not in use. It can be filled easily with lighter fluid, which is available at most supermarkets or convenience stores.

Robust, Refillable and Reusable

More environmentally friendly than using matches or disposable lighters, this little lighter is reusable and refillable. With a design dating from the days when things were built to last. The lighter is easy to use and refill and should last longer than a conventional plastic lighter.

For Daily Use or Just for Show

Although this lighter makes a great ornament or collectable, it is practical enough to be used daily and makes a great conversation starter with anyone that needs a light.

Ideal Present

This antique replica trench lighter comes packaged in an attractive presentation box, making it an ideal gift for any vintage collector or historian.

Please note:

For health and safety reasons, this lighter has not been filled and does not contain fuel. You will need to fill it with liquid lighter fuel before first use.

Original design

This high-quality retro lighter is a close replica of lighters from the war. Soldiers have made these lighters from used cartridge cases, making it an absolutely unique piece.

Easy to use

Just like a regular windproof lighter, simply fold the cap back and light the funnel with the flint. It is hardly much easier and faster.

With key fob

In addition, this bullet lighter also has a practical ring. Attach the trench lighter as a key chain or to your survival accessory.


The Gravitis WWII Vintage Brass/Copper Trench Lighter and Solid Brass is not only a practical lighter but also a piece of history. Its authentic design and functionality make it a must-have for vintage collectors and history enthusiasts. Whether used daily or displayed as a collectible, this lighter is sure to impress. Get your hands on this unique and environmentally friendly lighter today!