11 September 2023

Eastar Digital Piano – The Perfect Keyboard for Beginners

Eastar Digital Piano – The Perfect Keyboard for Beginners

Eastar Digital Piano – The Perfect Keyboard for Beginners


Welcome to the world of music with the Eastar Digital Piano! Designed specifically for beginners, this 61-key full-size piano keyboard offers a classic wooden feel combined with modern electronic features. Whether you’re just starting your musical journey or looking to upgrade your current instrument, the Eastar Digital Piano is the perfect choice.

Main Features

  • 61 full-size keys for a realistic playing experience
  • Classic wooden construction for a traditional look and feel
  • Sustain pedal included for expressive playing
  • Adapter for easy power supply
  • Music stand for holding sheet music or digital scores
  • Supports MP3 playback, MIDI connectivity, microphone input, and headphones

Unleash Your Creativity

The Eastar Digital Piano allows you to explore your musical creativity to the fullest. With 61 full-size keys, you can play a wide range of melodies, chords, and harmonies. The classic wooden construction not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides a natural and comfortable playing experience.

Expressive Playing

The included sustain pedal adds a new dimension to your playing. By pressing the pedal, you can sustain the sound of the notes, allowing for more expressive and emotional performances. Whether you’re playing a soft ballad or a powerful symphony, the sustain pedal will enhance your musical expression.

Connectivity and Versatility

The Eastar Digital Piano is not just a standalone instrument. It offers a range of connectivity options to expand your musical possibilities. You can connect your MP3 player to play along with your favorite songs, use MIDI connectivity to connect to a computer or other MIDI devices, plug in a microphone for singing along, or connect headphones for private practice sessions.


With its combination of classic design, modern features, and beginner-friendly functionality, the Eastar Digital Piano is the perfect instrument for aspiring musicians. Whether you’re a child or an adult, this piano keyboard will inspire you to explore the world of music and unleash your creativity. Start your musical journey today with the Eastar Digital Piano!