2 October 2023

Driveway Grids X60 – 15 Square Metres + HD Membrane Ground Sheet

Driveway Grids X60 – 15 Square Metres + HD Membrane Ground Sheet

Driveway Grids X60 – 15 Square Metres + HD Membrane Ground Sheet


Driveway Grids X60 is a revolutionary product designed to provide stability and support to various structures. Whether you need a firm ground for your driveway, shed base, greenhouse base, or patio, these grids are the perfect solution. Made with recycled British materials, this eco-friendly product is not only durable but also helps prevent damp and protect driveways and paths. With its unique clip lock system, it is quick and easy to install. Read on to discover the many benefits of Driveway Grids X60.

Main Features

  • Size: 50cm x 50cm x 4cm
  • Load spreading support: Can withstand 100’s of tonnes
  • 25-year guarantee: Ensures long-lasting performance
  • UV stable: Resistant to fading and damage from sunlight
  • Easy installation: Comes with DIY kit and instructions
  • Wheelchair friendly: Provides stability for mobility devices
  • Prevents grass damage: Keeps grass areas neat and undisturbed
  • Protects gravel: Keeps gravel driveways tidy and flat


Driveway Grids X60 can be used for various applications, including:

  • Driveway grids
  • Shed bases
  • Greenhouse bases
  • Log cabin bases
  • Patios
  • Gravel or grass grid surfaces

These grids are suitable for newly landscaped areas in your garden, allowing you to walk over them without disrupting the surface. They can also be used for bike paths, pram paths, and mobility scooter paths. The stability and load spreading support provided by Driveway Grids X60 make them ideal for any structure that stands on them.

Installation and Warranty

Installing Driveway Grids X60 is a breeze. The grids simply lock into position with their unique clip lock system. The DIY kit and instructions provided make the installation process quick and easy. Additionally, these grids come with a 25-year guarantee, ensuring their durability and performance.

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