22 September 2023

Brandon Femme 10x Square Suction Mirror 4 Inches

Brandon Femme 10x Square Suction Mirror, 4 Inches

Brandon Femme 10x Square Suction Mirror, 4 Inches


Welcome to the world of the Brandon Femme 10x Square Suction Mirror! This compact and versatile mirror is designed to enhance your beauty routine with its exceptional features and functionality. Whether you’re applying makeup or taking care of your skin, this mirror will be your perfect companion.

Main Features

Crystal Clear Reflection

With its high-quality glass, the Brandon Femme 10x Square Suction Mirror provides a crystal clear reflection that allows you to see every detail with precision. Say goodbye to blurry or distorted images and achieve flawless makeup application every time.

10x Magnification

Experience the power of 10x magnification with this mirror. It allows you to zoom in on specific areas of your face, making it easier to apply eyeliner, mascara, or any other intricate makeup techniques. You’ll never miss a single detail again!

Secure Suction Cup

The mirror features a strong suction cup that securely attaches to any smooth surface. Whether it’s your bathroom mirror or vanity table, you can trust that the mirror will stay in place throughout your beauty routine. No more worrying about accidental slips or falls!

Compact and Portable

Measuring just 4 inches, this mirror is compact and travel-friendly. It easily fits into your handbag or suitcase, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. Stay flawless on the go with the Brandon Femme 10x Square Suction Mirror!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mirror suitable for contact lens wearers?

Yes, the 10x magnification of the mirror makes it ideal for contact lens wearers. It helps you see small details and ensures precise application of lenses.

Can the suction cup be easily removed?

Yes, the suction cup can be easily removed by gently pulling it away from the surface. However, make sure to clean the surface before reattaching the mirror to maintain a strong suction.

Is the mirror fog-resistant?

Yes, the mirror is designed to be fog-resistant, providing you with a clear reflection even in steamy bathroom conditions. Say goodbye to wiping off fog from your mirror!

How do I clean the mirror?

You can clean the mirror using a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild glass cleaner. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that may damage the mirror’s surface.

Experience the Brandon Femme 10x Square Suction Mirror and elevate your beauty routine to new heights. With its crystal clear reflection, 10x magnification, secure suction cup, and compact design, this mirror is a must-have for every makeup enthusiast. Get yours today and see the difference!