8 September 2023

AUVON Large Insulin Cooler Travel Case

AUVON Large Insulin Cooler Travel Case

AUVON Large Insulin Cooler Travel Case

Good Partner for Long Travel: The AUVON Insulin Pen Case with large capacity can hold 8 insulin pens and other blood glucose monitoring supplies easily, which meets your storage needs for long travel.

Features of AUVON Insulin Pen Case

  • Longer Cooling Effects: 4 x 160g latex-free ice gel packs with a 6mm thick sealed edge provide longer cooling effects than others on the market. (Based on internal testing: 12 hours of freezing offers 10-12 hours of cooling and keeps the temperature inside the case below 8°C).
  • Great Insulation: The high-density oxford cloth, thickened pearl cotton and quality aluminum foil lining work together to provide longer cooling effects.
  • Ultimate Security: The durable zipper, mesh bag with elastic band and thickened lining ensure the stability and safety of the meds and items inside the case, minimizing bumps and crashes during the trip.

Precautions for Ice Gel Packs

  1. Frozen the ice gel pack in the freezer for at least 12 hours before putting it in the insulin cooler case.
  2. Ice packs are reusable and can be frozen for backup or stored at room temperature.
  3. Do not open the cooler case unless it is necessary.
  4. Do not place the medication in direct contact with ice packs.


AUVON diabetic bag has 4 latex-free ice packs, each weighing 160g. Based on our internal tests at 25-30°C temperature, it can keep cool for 10-12 hours after 12 hours of freezing, making it your ideal travel partner.


The new upgraded diabetic supply bag with triple layers can easily hold at least 8 insulin pens and syringes, and other blood glucose monitoring supplies. If you are good at organizing, 12 insulin pens are also possible. Scientific compartments make storage easier and travel more convenient.


With the thoughtful design of the carrying handle, the diabetes bag is more portable and it is also suitable for backpacks and suitcases. According to TSA, you can bring frozen ice packs on a plane when presented for screening. The cooling holder is a good choice for long-time travel.


Made of Oxford fabric exterior + thickened pearl cotton + aluminum interior, the insulated medication bag with triple insulation barrier design can effectively protect and keep your meds in the long-lasting cold.


1 x Large Storage Insulin Cooler Travel Case (8.5″ x 6.1″ x 3.3″), 4 x 160g Reusable Ice Packs, 1 x User Manual, AUVON Warranty Support and Friendly Customer Service.