9 October 2023

10X Magnifying Glass with Light – Product Description

10X Magnifying Glass with Light – Product Description

10X Magnifying Glass with Light – Product Description

Introducing the KIRKAS 10X Magnifying Glass with Light, the ultimate tool for precision work, hobbies, and repairs. This innovative magnifying glass combines powerful magnification, adjustable lighting, and a sleek design to enhance your productivity and enjoyment.

Illuminate Your Work

The KIRKAS 10X Magnifying Glass features a built-in LED lamp with 2,200 lumens, providing bright and even illumination for your close-up tasks. The stepless dimmable feature allows you to adjust the brightness to your desired level, ensuring optimal visibility without straining your eyes.

Crystal Clear Magnification

Equipped with a real glass lens, this magnifying glass offers 10X magnification, allowing you to see even the finest details with exceptional clarity. Whether you’re working on intricate crafts, reading small print, or examining tiny components, the KIRKAS magnifying glass ensures a distortion-free and immersive viewing experience.

Flexible and Adjustable

The adjustable arm of the KIRKAS magnifying glass allows you to position the lens at the perfect angle and distance for your specific needs. The sturdy clamp ensures a secure attachment to your workbench, desk, or table, providing stability and freeing up your hands for precise work.

Enhance Your Productivity

With the KIRKAS 10X Magnifying Glass, you can work with greater efficiency and accuracy. Whether you’re a professional jeweler, watchmaker, or hobbyist, this magnifying glass will become an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to enhanced productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can the LED lamp be replaced?
  2. Yes, the LED lamp can be easily replaced when needed. Simply contact our customer support for assistance.

  3. Is the magnifying glass battery-powered?
  4. No, the KIRKAS magnifying glass needs to be plugged into a power source. It comes with a long power cord for convenient use.

  5. Can the lens be adjusted for focus?
  6. No, the lens of the KIRKAS magnifying glass is fixed at 10X magnification and cannot be adjusted for focus.


The KIRKAS 10X Magnifying Glass with Light is a game-changer for anyone who requires precise magnification and optimal lighting. Its adjustable arm, stepless dimmable LED lamp, and real glass lens make it the perfect tool for close work, hobbies, and repairs. Enhance your productivity and enjoy a distortion-free viewing experience with the KIRKAS 10X Magnifying Glass.